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The mission of the Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center is to raise awareness in those we serve of their global connection and "unique place in space" by encouraging their participation in science, mathematics, and technology. The Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center is an excellent way for families to spend quality time with one another. Our programs and exhibits are especially engaging, hands-on, and fun for absolutely everyone.
- Candy L. McCroskey, Director

Introducing Darth Gator

Over 1600 ballots were cast to help name the Museum’s new live American Alligator! The votes are all counted and the overwhelming winner was "Darth Gator." The naming took place officially on Friday, August 15 at the final Lawn Chair Theater event of the 2014 season. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting. Darth is currently on display in the Museum's PNC Live Animal Gallery. We hope you will come by the Children's Museum ∓ Science Center soon to welcome our newest addition!

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